Visits: 1736
Matera is the city of the “Sassi” the charming ancient districts, which are an example of a unique and complex urban structure and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Matera is also host to over 100 rock churches, a testimony of the Greek-Byzantine Monastic civilizations which held a significant influence.
It is the city of art and folklore, and is considered to be among one of the most ancient settlements in the world due to it being continuously inhabited by man, dating as far back as the Palaeolithic era.

It is precisely in this ruprestian habitat in Matera’s famous Sassi that the enchanting Hotel Sant’Angelo was created.

The hotel is the result of painstaking preservation and renovation of over 1400 square meters including cave dwellings, pathways, stairways and courtyards.

Hotel Sant’Angelo is able to accommodate up to 45 guests distributed
into 16 historical dwellings.

We offer our guests a number of services for an unforgettable stay including: a restaurant with a warm rustic atmosphere perfect for enjoying the local lucanian specialties, two bars, furnished panoramic terraces, leisure halls, and an art gallery. The hotel also offers services for the organization of conventions, events, conferences, and ceremonies.

The undisputed historic and architectural value of the hotel itself represents a unique cultural and recreational experience for all our guests.

In addition Matera is located near the Ionian coast and it’s beaches near to the archaeological sites of Metaponto and Policoro and even the WWF protected area of the Pantano Woods surrounding the Sinni river. Daily excursions are also available to the Melfi and Venosa castles towards Potenza, of the Pollino National Park or even Murgia Materana Park that will give you the opportunity to visit and appreciate the beauty of the nature, culture and folklore of our region.