Antico Feudo San Giorgio vacanze madonie

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Offerta agriturismo - Polizzi Generosa (Palermo - madonie)
The ancient fief san Giorgio can accommodate up to 50 guests in its apartments, junior suites and rooms divided in two levels and all different each other as they have been built out of the refurbishment of the farm warehouses

The apartments:

"Passo ruvolo" 3 bedrooms, living room and bathroom,
"Crociata" 2 bedrooms, big living room, kitchenette in a separate ambient and bathroom,
"Destra", suitable for disabled people, 2 bedrooms, kitchenette and bathroom,
"Firrichicchio", 2 bedrooms, kitchenette and bathroom
"Gavette", 2 bedrooms, kitchenette and bathroom,
"Saint Giuliano", 2 bedrooms, big living room, kitchenette and bathroom.
The junior suites:
"Aia naca", bedroom, big living room and bathroom,
"Valle di Bonanno", bedroom living room and bathroom,
"Passo matina", bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Born from a rib of the homonymous farm (located in the Polizzi generosa area, in the heart of "Madonie natural reserve " in Palermo province) that is built on the ashes of feudalism as well as 19th century country house of the "Fatta della Fratta" family. In the following years the impressive farm, still existing, has been built, surrounding a typical Sicilian courtyard "U' Bagghiu", developing on the pattern of the fortified "masseria" around a big courtyard with the typical pebbled pavement divided in squares. Inside the courtyard, lots of warehouses are currently used as farm holidays guesthouses, thanks to a careful and courageous refurbishment work, that has not changing the original image of the building. For the perfect climate and soil features, the area has always been devoted to the crop of hard wheat and forage, but the extension of the property has made possible also the cultivation of broad beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, melons, vegetables as well as olives and grapes. From 1994 has started the conversion of farm to organic cultivations under the supervision of the bodies officially appointed by Italian agriculture ministry to certify the organic farm producers.