Escursioni parco Etna, Trekking in Sicilia

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Escursioni sull'Etna in offerta, facili per famiglie ma anche per i più avventurosi
Hi, I'm Francesco Caltabiano, an engineer in love with nature and the mountains, with a passion for mushrooms, hunting, off-roading and much more. Welcome to the most beautiful island in the world, Sicily, where in addition to the spectacular sea, typical products and delicious food, you can find the most active volcano in Europe and one of the most active and studied in the world, a volcano in the center of the Mediterranean, which has fascinated famous directors, singers, painters, and who has masterfully been able to draw land - profiles, dig rivers, modify cities, sometimes destroying them but at the same time, make the "land" very fertile, thanks to the continuous contribution, with ash and lapilli, of volcanic minerals. My mission is to promote my territory by having fun with you, making you discover, explore and excite the colors, scents and landscapes of my land. In this spirit, I will lead you to the most surprising experience you have ever experienced, certainly also thanks to our magnificent "mother Etna", whom we call in reverence, "a Muntagna – (The Mountain)".
It is important that the excursions in the Etna park are carried out, as well as with expert naturalistic hiking guides, with who were born and raised in the mountains, with who have always breathed its scent, rejoicing and trembling during earthquakes and eruptions. To this, we must add many insights, study, passion and a lot of experience in excursions, but it is not enough, in fact, to accompany guests, to discover the natural beauties of Sicily and leave feelings in the guest, first you need to have experienced and lived them many times. Only in this way it is possible to transfer these emotions to the guests, making them pass almost through eyes of the guide.
"All that nature has of great, all that has of pleasant, all that has of terrible can be compared to Etna, and Etna cannot be compared to anything". With these words, the French archaeologist "Dominique Vivand Denon", returning from his trip to Sicily 1778, tries to describe the extraordinary and incomprehensible nature of our Etna.
It is impossible to visit the foothills of Etna, without taking home the aromas and flavors of the typical products of Etna, such as oil, honey, pistachio and especially liqueurs and wine. Etna wines are highly appreciated in the world, especially for their particular organoleptic characteristics that make them distinct and recognizable from other Sicilian wines. All Etna land, is in fact composed of a volcanic soil, rich in many natural minerals, to this, must be added that the wind, which blowing loads of salt from the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea and the considerable temperature variations, contribute to making the flavor of Etna DOC unique and original.
It is clear that, those who have the pleasure of visiting Eastern Sicily for the first time, are fascinated by the great volcano, but beauty in Sicily is everywhere and therefore, we promote and disseminate the landscape and naturalistic, architectural and ethno-anthropological beauties of the whole territory of eastern Sicily, the Nebrodi mountains, the Peloritani mountains, the magnificent Alcantara gorges and much more, managing to offer tailor-made excursions.