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Emilia Romagna itineraries, The eastern Emilia Romagna

Offers not to be missed in Italy

Mare San Vito Lo Capo BB Cima Bianca
Trapani € 55,00
Vacanza Timpa Acireale Jacuzzi SPA
Catania € 119,00
Residence Marina di Ragusa vacanze Mare e Barocco
Ragusa € 50,00

This month is the time of grape harvesting and mushrooms and other wonderful delicacies. For those who love folklore, and who do not mind good food and typical local dishes accompanied by traditional wines, Emilia Romagna offers curious, fun and tasty events throughout the region.

Here's the cities I'd visit first in the eastern Emilia Romagna. They're all connected by trains, the thick, solid lines indicate the main train lines and the dashed lines the secondary, and slower, trains. Distances are short, however. Faenza is just 50 km southeast of Bologna.

Visit Brisighella
Here's the best town you've never heard of to visit. See the fortress Rocca Manfrediana, the Clock Tower and the Monticino Sanctuary, then head over to the Albergo Ristorante Gigiole for a lesson in the local cooking of the region. Too much? There are spas here to help you with whatever ails you without taking pills. And if you go in summer, there's a three week long medieval festival.

Visit Faenza
You probably don't know the ancient city of Faenza, but you might have heard of "faience," a type of tin glazed earthenware pottery also known as majolica, for which the city is known. Just a short train or car ride from Brisighella, Faenza has lots of art, including a museum for the pottery that found its way across all of Europe.
Faenza is of Roman and Etruscan origin. The Piazza del Popolo is quite grand, as you can see in the picture. Faenza is worth a day trip from any of the nearby towns, especially for the tourist interested in purchasing some fine and unique pottery from the many workshops in town.


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