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Our home, an old stable, immersed in the countryside and in a magical atmosphere only a few minutes away from the Costa Smeralda, has been restored in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings and our taste.
When we, Alberto and Laura, decided to come and live in Sardinia we fled a city life become too stressful and here realised a living dream and a project for life, giving the possibility for others to enjoy it too.
In this way, from an old stable, between San Pantaleo, Porto Cervo and Arzachena, we have created "Ca' La Somara", where countryside, perfumes, colours, materials and all these things together create a welcoming, serene and informal atmosphere. Ideal for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday in an evocative location.
How to get to us :
Da Olbia e Golfo Aranci: seguire le indicazioni per la Costa Smeralda quindi quelle per San Pantaleo. Attraversare il paese e dopo una serie di tornanti in discesa a inizio rettilineo prendere il primo bivio sulla destra segnalato dal nostro cartello
Da Palau e Santa Teresa: Seguire le indicazioni per Arzachena quindi quelle per Porto Cervo. Imboccare il bivio per San Pantaleo e a fine rettilineo prendere il bivio sulla sinistra segnalato dal nostro cartello
From Olbia and Golfo Aranci: follow the indication for the Costa Smeralda ss. 125, therefore those for San Pantaleo. Cross this country and after a series of curves in descent take the first cross on the right signalised with our poster
From Alghero- Santa Teresa and Palau: follow the indication for Arzachena, therefore those for Porto Cervo. Turn right at the cross for San Pantaleo and to rectilinear end take the cross on the left signalised with our poster