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The new frontier of the campsite has taken the ...

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The new frontier of the campsite has taken the name of Glamping. This neologism is made up of two terms: glamor and camping. To give a definition of glamping it could be said that it is a luxury campsite. A way to experience the outdoors without giving up all the comforts and charm of an excellent accommodation facility. It is a hotel with many stars (literally), because in the open air. The difference compared to a classic camping is the fact that the location and equipment of these accommodations is designed to create an effect of excellent comfort and charm. Those who love to travel in tents know it well: there is nothing that can replace the emotion of waking up and being immersed in a spectacular landscape. A taste of authentic rediscovery of the territory that only the inconsistent walls of the tent can provide. Those who prefer to travel to a luxury hotel know just as well that relaxation is made up of many small conveniences. From the link of these two apparently irreconcilable needs, glamping is born: the accommodation that takes the best of the two travel experiences and allows you to rediscover the meaning of contact with the territory without necessarily having to suffer the inconvenience of a night on the bare earth or the transport of bulky equipment.50% HOTEL, 50% CAMPING, 100% NATURE

Ciriga Sicily Glamping: choose your holiday home in Glamping depending on how many you are ...

You will find 3 glamping holiday homes: Moresca for two people,Carrubo/Mandorlo from 2 to 5 people. Each housing solution is equipped with kitchen, a private bathroom and a private veranda where you can spend a relaxing stay, surrounded by greenery and a few steps from the sea. Breakfast is always included in the price because we love taking care of you from the early hours of the morning and sharing with you our Mediterranean hospitality. Your holiday will therefore be perfectly in line with the concept of glamping (glamour-camping): all the comforts of a hotel while maintaining the camping's easy life style.

Choose the ideal solution for you, contact us to plan your next trip together and receive all the necessary info. We are waiting for you in Santa Maria del Focallo (Ispica Mare).

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