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Cilento Holidays, NATIONAL PARK OF CILENTO The word Cilento derives from the names of the rivers Sele and Alentum but the area today is strictly

Genova Holidays, Offers and Itineraries

Genova Holidays, Offers and Itineraries City of art and metropolis looking onto the sea, Genoa has grown up around the city's port - a natural

Holidays in Lampedusa (Pelagian Islands, Fantastic Sicily Beaches)

If you came in Sicily you must visit The Pelagie Island have a name with greek origins: pélagos > paląghios, that means "leaving in the open sea",

September to Capri Holidays, Beautiful Island

ISLE OF CAPRI One of the most popular destinations in Italy! Discovering the blue island Take a trip around Capri with us and see its beauty

Holidays Pisa, a short trip.

Week End Pisa. It's a short drive to Pisa! Few buildings anywhere have captured imaginations as much as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is the