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Surrounding Catania

The first of the three itineraries recomended to tourist leads, across the famous plain to Catania, to Caltagirone country of the most typical of

Holidays in Siesa - Greve in Chianti

The Tuscany region is very special in particular the Chianti valley. Aside from being beautiful, it is a perfect example of a lifestyle typical of

Holidays Pisa, a short trip.

Week End Pisa. It's a short drive to Pisa! Few buildings anywhere have captured imaginations as much as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is the

Itineraries in Macerata

Holidays and Itineraries in Macerata area. you decide not to brave the mountain detour head north-west from Amandola for Sarnano, a splendid

To see Florence for holidays

Holidays in Florence for visit: Florence duomo. This is a view of the duomo (dome) of the Church of Santa Maria di la fiore (St. Mary of the Flower