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Volterra holidays and traditions.

Vacanze Volterra is a town to live intensely, to discover little by little with its atmosphere, its contrasts, the pulse of a civilisation and a

Itinerary Crotone, What to see in Crotone

Holidays in Crotone, Tours end visit History Croton was an Achaean colony from c. 710 BC on the coast of the the Gulf of Taranto, that became a

Itineraries in Macerata

Holidays and Itineraries in Macerata area. you decide not to brave the mountain detour head north-west from Amandola for Sarnano, a splendid

The Sinis Peninsula (Sardinia)

There are thousands of Nuraghi on the Island of Sardinia. The nuraghi are stone built towers where the Nurghic people settled. Some date back as far

Itineraries Ancona, History

Holidays and Itineraries Ancona, history ANCONA The foundation of Ancona (whose origins trace back to the Bronze Age) dates back to the 4th