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New Year's Vacations and Events in Italy

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Where to go in Italy, Christmas and the New Year in Italy

Christmas doesn't dominate the entire season as it does in some other countries, but December can have a festive feel, with Christmas markets in many towns.

One of the most striking features of Christmas in Italy is the presepe. Presepi are ornamental nativity scenes, frequently expanding to feature whole rural villages complete with wells, bakers etc. They are everywhere - under the sea, in fish tanks, in churches, in windows, in blocks of flats. Don't be concerned if the crib is empty- the baby Jesus frequently waits until Christmas itself to make his appearance. Festivities usually begin after the 8th December, the holiday of the Immaculate Conception. One of the most important dates is the 6th January (Epiphany), when the Befana (a witch) pays a visit to deserving children, giving them gifts.

New Year is celebrated in a variety of ways. In cities there are firework displays and public events. Italians believe it lucky to wear red underwear at this time.

New Year in Italy is certainly a moment worthy of living and cherishing during New Year Tours to Italy. An aura of jollity and festivity roll up the entire country giving its people a sensation of gaiety and strong expectations for the beginning of the New Year, that's what the New Year in Italy are all about. So, come join in the New Year in Italy and have an experience of many lifetimes.

Be it Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples or any other Italian city, New Year in Italy has that special charm that won't fail to enchant you during your New Year Tours to Italy. Watch out and be careful while celebrating the New Year in Italy, as the old custom of throwing your old stuff out of the window is followed till date in Italy. Symbolizing your readiness to accept the New Year, this custom though seem to be funny but is believed in by many Italians. Oh, one more thing, don't forget to wear your red underwear to ring in "La Fiesta di San Silvestro" or the New Year's Eve in Italy!


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