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Long WeekEnd In Italy, Offers and Special Events

Offers not to be missed in Italy

Enna € 40,00
Vacanze a MARETTIMO Egadi Sicilia
Trapani € 59,00
Villaggio 2022 in Sicilia Kikki Village
Ragusa € 90,00

When to Visit Italy, Long WeekEnd In Italy, Choose the location a for your holidays

When choosing what time of year to visit Italy, two decisive factors should be considered: climate and crowds. Better weather naturally draws more visitors to Italy, so think about what kind of travel you prefer. Do large crowds madden you? Are you willing to forgo the sunshine in return for shorter museum lines and lower prices? If so, then a trip during low tourist season (or "off" season) may suit you just fine. If, on the other hand, you need that golden Italian sunshine dusting your shoulders as you take your passeggiata along Rome's Via del Corso, then a May or June visit is for you.

There are 20 Italian regions. Many customs and attitudes in Italy are regional. Even "Italian food" is basically made up of Italian regional dishes. Why plan by regions of Italy? A traveller might like the wilderness in Italy's Abruzzo region, or the cheeses and wines of the Piemonte region.

Special Events in Italy
Italy has interesting festivals every month of the year. Here is information about popular and unusual festivals in Italy listed by month as well as Italian holidays, annual special events, and music festivals. Attending a festival is a great way to experience Italian culture and enhance your vacation in Italy.


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