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Holidays in Marche, Adriatic coastline, you can spend a week

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Holidays in Marche, 180 kilometres of Adriatic coastline

Le Marche: a land ?Beside the Seaside?.
The name Le Marche in Italian is in the plural form and we can say it reflects the land characteristic features: it offers many landscapes of rare beauty, as well as diverse evidences of a glorious past and historical and cultural richness.
Travelling in Le Marche means to experience new things everyday and to be charmed by its beautiful territory, its culture and its inhabitants.

There are basically two types of beach resort in the Marche. First there are the bigger centres with a lively atmosphere, busy nightlife, plenty of visitors from abroad and nose-to-tail hotels along the prom. Good examples include (from north to south) Gabicce Mare, Pesaro, Senigallia, and San Benedetto del Tronto.

Then there are the many more smaller resorts with less spectacular beaches and more rented villa/apartment accommodation rather than hotels. These places are often filled for the short summer season by Italian families, often inland marchigiani, who return each year. The adults will always sigh that they're doing it for the bambini but secretly love it. And there's always the mobile telefonino so they can pretend to be in the office.

A couple of places that don't fit into either category are the resorts nestling under the rocky peninsular of Monte Conero. Here you'll find rocky coves and white limestone cliffs totally unlike any other stretch of the Adriatic from Trieste in the north to Italy's "spur" at Gargano in the south.


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