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Holidays and vacations 2013 in Sardinia are a unique experience.

You must visit Sardinia in 2013, this exquisite island off southern Italy is a complete one-off: a magical mixture of culture, beaches and scenery that beguiles every visitor. .

Vacation in Cŗgliari, is Sardiniaís capital and principal ferry port, hence has built up accommodation and restaurant to serve the needs of the people arriving. Olbia is the northern ferry port, and is a good place from which to start exploring the rugged northern coastline.Alghero is the islandís main package resort and has been a favourite with British tourists for many years. Impressively, this flourishing fishing port has maintained local businesses independent from tourism, meaning that the resort is unspoilt and as friendly as ever. The Spanish had a particularly strong influence here, which earned the town the nickname Barcelonetta. Within the walls of the old town, narrow cobbled streets bare both Italian and Catalonian names, while flamboyant churches and wrought iron balconies hint at the presence of the Spanish.
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From Alghero, take a boat trip to Neptuneís grotto, a marine cave set in the cliffs of Capo Caccia. A tour of the caves allows you to see the dramatic stalagmites and stalactites deep within the rock face. Sardinia holidays can also give you time for a bit of shopping. The chic shops and boutiques of the Costa Smeralda are the place to buy upmarket designer clothes and accessories.
The natural beauty of the area provides an excellent setting to take a morning stroll and sit down to some exquisite seafood or roasted fresh meat dishes. A Sardinia holiday is not without its active Side either. Take to the water for a spot of waterskiing or jetskiing with highly professional instructors on hand to get you s
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