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Holidays in Sardinia (September and October)

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Siracusa € 30,00
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Siracusa € 100,00
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The Italian island of Sardinia is idyllic retaining its rugged and natural beauty with its crystal clear Mediterranean waters and white sandy beaches, luscious green hills on the interior and ancient ruins telling a story of years gone by. Accessible by air or ferry from mainland Italy or France, Sardinia has something to offer every avid traveller.

Sardinia is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy. Not only is it a popular spot for those who enjoy watersports but its natural beauty and rich history also attract those looking for a relaxing and cultured break. The Romans built many towns in Sardinia and some have been well preserved. It also features many prehistoric towers that were built between 1500 and 500 BC. These were later used for houses, fortresses and places of worship. A holiday in Sardinia is a holiday with beauty and history.

Sardinia has some of the most glorious beaches in the world, with the clearest, bluest seas. It is perfect for a spot of scuba diving. Most Sardinian beaches are shaded by tall, fragrant pine trees, making them secluded and tranquil places. The mountains and jagged cliffs in this country are also popular with climbers offering superb views of the ocean and beyond. Sardinia is also a much-loved haven for nature and wildlife lovers, boasting many rare species of deer, fox, hawk and seal.


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