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Tuscany Wine week-end (Gastromonic Tours)

Vacation, Week End in Tuscany, wine and culture

Chianti is a large wine zone extending through much of Tuscany. All of the zone is DOCG status, and it is divided into seven districts. Two of these have readily-available wines on the world market: Chianti Classico (Classic refers to the defined area--not to a reserve or superior bottling) and Chianti Ruffina. In addition to their district of production, Chianti wines vary in style according to aging. Reserve wines, often aged in French oak, may be released after two or more years at the winery.

Chianti is always a very dry red wine, with very concentrated fruit character, most often made entirely from the sangiovese grape. Chianti goes well with food, and can range in style from light to full bodied with tart cherry and violet aromas and flavors. Chianti can age ten or more years in a good vintage.

There are few areas in ltaly about which you believe you know and have said and read everything, and the opposite to everything. Such as the Chianti region.

The Chianti region of Italy is known for its beauty and its irresistible fascination.
Only the most discerning and expert sightseer can discover its hidden, important treasures. Every bend is filled with history, anecdotes and legends without which this important land would perhaps not be appreciated today.

You don't miss it
September 10-11: Chianti Classico festival and tasting in Greve
September 17-18: great wine show and sampling in Impruneta (more than 140 doc and docg wines from all over Italy)
September 17-18: Chianti Classico festival and tasting in Panzano.
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