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How to get to Tuscany

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To Tuscany by Air

The three major towns Florence (Aeroporto di Firenze), Pisa (Aeroporto Galileo Galilei) and Siena (Aeroporto di Siena) are all well connected internationally via their airports.
The nearests Intercontinetal airports like Rome Airport "Leonardo Da Vinci" and Milan Airport "Malpensa" are far 322 Km and 393 Km from Florence, from where we suggest to hire a car and get Tuscany thanks to an excellent road network with motorways and dual carriageway roads linking the most important towns.
To Tuscany by Sea

Several ferry companies have regular trips to Tuscany.

The lines of ferries that serve the archipelago of Tuscan:
Connected all the island of tuscan arghipelago
Toremar had its office in:
Porto Mediceo telefono 0586.896113
e-mail asaticke@tin.it
Porto Santo Stefano
Piazzale A. Candi telefono 0564.810803
e-mail metramar@tiscalinet.it
Nuova Stazione Marittima telefono 0565.31100 226590
e-mail dinimiel@etruscan.li.it
Calata Italia, 23 telefono 0565.918080
e-mail www.toremar-elba.it
Collegamenti Toremar:

Elba Island and Pianosa
Piombino - Cavo
Piombino - Portoferraio
Cavo - Portoferraio
Piombino - Rio Marina
Piombino - Porto Azzurro
Piombino - Pianosa
Rio Marina - Porto Azzurro
Rio Marina - Pianosa
Porto Azzurro - Pianosa
Gorgona and Capraia
Livorno - Gorgona
Livorno - Capraia
Gorgona - Capraia
Isola del Giglio
Porto Santo Stefano - Giglio

Moby Lines
Moby Lines has connections with Elba Island from Piombino
Has connections with Giglio island and Giannutri Island
MAREGIGLIO srl - Compagnia di Navigazione
Via Umberto 1°, 22 - 58013 Isola del Giglio - Porto (GR)
Phone 0564 812920/0564 809309 E-mail:mailto: info@maregiglio.it

The ferry leave from Livorno, not every days. For more informations about timetible and departure days please see the web site of Toremar, that it's the only ferry line that have connections with Gorgona.
Employed time for connection
half and one hour
Passengers 6,30 ?
Child (from 4 to 12 years old) 3,20 ?

The ferries form Capraia, with Toremar, leave every days from Livorno (porto Mediceo). The ferry.
Employed time for connection
2 hours
Elba Island
Mobyline from Piombino tp portoferraio
La Toremar offre invece diversi collegamenti tutti da Piombino.
Il tempo impiegato per la traversata da Piombino a Portoferraio è di circa un ora.
Prezzo indicativi: adulti euro 5,30 - 7,10 - Auto da 20 a 41 euro
Con i traghetti veloci invece si spende un po di più: adulti da 6,30 a 9,40 euro, auto da 20 a 52 euro (prezzi indicativi, per maggiori informazioni contattare la Toremar)

Connections with the Lead Toremar and from Rio back Marina (island of elba)
Departing from Lead they get a job around 3 hours for the crossing.
To verify the dates of departure, because the connection is not effected every day.
Isola del Giglio
The ferries of the Torema effect daily runs from I Bring Saint Stephen. The journey now lasts around one and there is quattro/cinque it raced a day.
Rates: adult 5,30 - 6,30 European
Auto: 27 - 40 European around
Maregiglio offers the connection with the island of Giannutri both from the island of the Lily that from I Bring Saint Stephen.
To verify on the site hourly and dates of departure.


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