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Guide tour Liguria (Rentals in Liguria)

Holidays in Liguria, Beach Rentals in Liguria

Liguria Tourism offers tourists information on accommodations facilities in the region. Tourists can learn which facilities can be found in each town, which services they offer, how to contact their offices for information on availability.

Do you want to visit Portofino, the Cinque Terre, Camogli, or Sanremo? Do you wish to admire Liguria's seascapes and the beauty of its mountain range overlooking the sea? Thanks to the information and services provided through the Tourism in Liguria channels, you may optimally plan your vacation or stay.

Search the region's entire selection of accommodations in the accommodations channel: hotels, campgrounds, b&bs, and other accommodations for every budget and preference.
The travel channel allows you to discover everything you need to know before leaving and during your stay.
The discover channel provides information on the most popular places, the most visited and best known areas, seaside and inland itineraries, the communes under Liguria's jurisdiction, and all ongoing, special events, shown on a day-by-day format, including exhibits, shows, fairs, conferences, and much more. Upon signing up to the portal, you may personalize the information and services offered according to your specific tastes and needs, receive newsletters so as to stay abreast on the portal's latest changes and the main tourist, cultural, and trade events held in Liguria.

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