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Holidays in northern Sardinian (Alghero)

(Holidays) Alghero, ancient feudal territory of the Genoese, was colonized towards the middle of the 14th century by the Catalani family, who called it "Barceloneta", little Barcelona, giving it mighty fortifications that still characterize its landscape. Today, after more than six centuries, this beautiful city on the Riviera del Corallo still posses urban traits, architecture, folklore and the language of its Catalani forefathers.

Situated in an enchanting position with its port and spacious gulf, Alghero is no stranger to tourism. Its coast has many secluded bays, small inlets bordered by plentiful pine forests and high, jagged rocks touched by an emerald green sea; while inland, luxuriant vineyards produce some of the most aromatic wines in all of Sardinia.