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September to Capri Holidays, Beautiful Island

One of the most popular destinations in Italy!
Discovering the blue island
Take a trip around Capri with us
and see its beauty for yourself

Insula Capreae", so named because from a distance its outline brings to mind a reclining goat (the Greeks called it Kapros - the Island of the Boar); or perhaps because of the many goats living on its rugged surface (that the goats actually existed is indirectly confirmed in 17th Century texts by the praise bestowed upon the manificient, sweet ricotta - made of goats' milk - prepared by the monks in the "Certosa" - the Cistercian Abbey on Capri). Geologically speaking, the island is an extension of the Peninsula of Sorrento and formed of the same limestone. Slightly more than 10 sq km., the island divided between two townships: Capri itself and Anacapri, higher than the former. The Greek prefix, "ana", indicates in fact this greater height.

Capri Attractions

Capri?s beauty is that it has retained its charm and character despite being one of the most visited places in Italy. Perhaps one of its most famous attractions is the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), a stunning cave along the coast with waters a magical shade of blue. Villa San Michele and Villa Jovis along with the main towns of Anacapri and Capri town are all pleasurable visits. A walk along the Tragara passage will give you some of the best views on the island while the Migliera lookout point has views from the other end of the island.

Watersports and sailing are also quite popular on the island with many facilities around Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. There are many beaches and coves for those seeking suntans and shopping is an pleasurable experience providing an assortment of designer, jewellery and perfume boutiques.