Bed and breakfast Marsala Baglio Spano

The ancient and unchanged beauty of Sicily is ...

18 beds

The ancient and unchanged beauty of Sicily is reflected in the architecture of Baglio Spano'. BAGLIO SPANO' dates back to the XVIII century when it was used as a summer residence by the ancient and noble family Montalto-Spanò. It is situated amidst 300.000 square metres of vinyards only 2 km from the beach. An old farm road runs directly to Baglio Spanò and reaches its main entrance with the preserved ancient door. A courtyard separates the farmhouse with its guest rooms from the warehouses which were once used to store the grapes and produce wine. The farmhouse has two foors: on the ground floor the restaurant in the reconstructed and reorganized cellar, offers a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Here you will taste and enjoy typical Sicilian dishes prepared by our cooks. The guest-rooms are situated on the second floor where you can also find a spacious sitting room for your own peace and quiet or relaxation. The building is entirely surrounded by citrus trees which release their delicate perfumes in the peaceful spring evenings.

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