Bed and breakfast Malfa Salina Eolie Vacanza indimenticabile a Salina nelle Eolie

Unforgettable holidays in the Aeolian Islands in ...

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18 beds

Unforgettable holidays in the Aeolian Islands in Salina B&B, Our typical Aeolian house, an oasis of tranquility, overlooks on a beautiful scenery, from Monta Fossa delle Felci to the ocean in one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the world: the volcano Stromboli.

Any time: at the sunrise, for breakfast, enjoying an aperitif at the sunset, reading a book or simply watching the Stromboli erupting, our solarium will be the belvedere of your holiday in Salina.

Our accommodation in Salina, renovated according to the canons of a contemporary design, has large panoramic terraces, with breathtaking views of Panarea and Stromboli. The family-run establishment boasts an informal and welcoming atmosphere. It consists of a body on two levels, with a small garden.

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