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If you are planning a stay between Cefal¨ and ...

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If you are planning a stay between Cefal¨ and Palermo, the Holidays Trabia sea B&B on offer is ideal if you love the sea. In fact, the B&B La Battigia is located just 5 meters from the sea on the wonderful sandy beach of Trabia.

Maria and Teresa will welcome you to the beautiful B&B with direct access to the beach of Trabia.

The breakfast and the view of the rooms on the sea is unsurpassed for those who love the Sicilian sea, the veranda overlooking the sea is a real gem for those who want to relax and you will be immersed in a feeling of well-being and serenity. Our Bed and Breakfast with access to the sea on the sandy beach, very comfortable, gives the possibility to stay by the sea and return to the structure quickly and safely. The rooms are well-kept and comfortable with impeccable cleanliness.

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