Holiday Houses San Piero Patti Nel cuore dei Nebrodi, a due passi dall'Etna

In a house on the mountains (1000 metres above the...

2 beds

In a house on the mountains (1000 metres above the sea), room with separate entrance and private bathroom. Very quite situation and totally immersed in nature, in a house surrounded by conifers and hazelnut trees.

The house is easily accessible by car, in a strategic position to visit around:

-11 kilometres from San Piero Patti, 13 kilometres from Floresta and Montalbano Elicona

-perfect place to visit the Nebrodi mountains

-Around us: Rocche dell'Agimusco (megaliths), Bosco (wood) di Malabotta, Cascate (waterfalls) Catafurco

-22 kilometers from Randazzo, to visit the Etna

-27 kilometres from the sea (Patti)

-we are very near to the Via Francigena delle montagne (it goes from Palermo to Messina), only one kilometre far from us

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