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How to get to Campania

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From Italy

From Fiumicino airport you can get to Naples by train ? Fiumicino-Rome-Naples (about 2h30 directly to the city centre) ? or rent a car (it takes slightly over 2 hours). Besides, the national railway supply direct, low-cost and frequent links from Milan (6h 30), Bologna (5h), Florence (4h 9 and Venice ( 6h 50), and efficient and regular links from Rome (on an hourly basis). The Italian motorway network is among the best in Europe, the regional and the provincial capitals are easily reachable by motorway: the road network crosses Italy from north to south and from east to west. Notice that the Italian motorway is a toll-way up to Salerno, southards it is toll-free

From Europe

Getting to Naples is very simple, in any time of the year and by any means of transport. Direct flights between Naples and many European cities have increased and become more frequent, i.e. to/from London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover, Barcelona, Brussels and Basle. There are also sea links to Salerno from the port of Valencia (Spain) active the whole year round

From other continents

Intercontinental flights link the main cities of all continents to Fiumicino airport (Rome). Moreover, Campania has important tourist ports; the port of Naples is also a main port of call for international cruises.


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